blog entries on the latest postings at the satchmo project web site.en-usSat, 24 Aug 2013 19:55:13 -0000Satchmo 0.9.2 Released <div class="document"> <p>Satchmo 0.9.2 is released. This release of satchmo includes many updates and improvements.</p> </div> and merging on bitbucket <div class="document"> <p>For some recent work I was doing with Satchmo's Fedex module, I decided to go through the process of forking on bitbucket with the eventual goal of merging this back into Satchmo tip. Over time, I've had many folks try to fork Satchmo and issue pull request back to bitbucket but some people end up with a bit of a tangled mess. This article covers a basic process for maintaing your fork.</p> </div> Winning Satchmo Sites <div class="document"> <p>The team at Pemaquid Communications have been successfully using Satchmo and Django to create innovative sites for their clients. Recently they won several Best of the Web awards at the TechMaine Gala.</p> </div> Status Update <div class="document"> <p>Despite the lack of activity on the satchmo site, there is still plenty of work going on to make Satchmo more stable, feature rich and generally all around better.</p> </div> development with virtualenv <div class="document"> <p>By now, most people doing Django development should be familiar with pip, virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper. This post shows how I use these tools to maintain my local development environment for Satchmo.</p> </div>