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Satchmo 0.9 Release

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Satchmo Release 0.9.1

Satchmo 0.9.1 includes many enhancements, updates, fixes and performance improvements over the prior release. All users starting new stores should use 0.9.1 as the basis for their stores.

A summary of some of the most notable changes are included below.


  • Updated German translation
  • Improvements to robustness of clonesatchmo program
  • Template cleanups for gift certificates
  • Improve discount handling for paypal
  • Add new management command for billing subscription products
  • Improve handling of ccv numbers
  • Improve display string of subtypes in admin
  • If language is chosen, make sure it’s selected by default
  • Tweak the product admin screens to show featured and active status
  • Add new admin functions for toggling active/featured status of products
  • Make the display of the site in the admin lists configurable through the settings
  • Add a readonly field to the admin. Use it in the order admin for the status field
  • Add some raw id fields in the admin so that large stores will work ok
  • Fix the ajax functions to escape properly and use the right mime type
  • Fix postgres typecast problem
  • Added new Custom Product Attribute functionality - Custom Product Attributes
  • Improved the code for calculating comment averages to increase performance
  • Added signal for custom filtering of items which are subject to a discount
  • Improve handling of the MEDIA_ROOT on Windows systems
  • Add a documentation section about customizing the admin - Customizing Admin
  • Handle error if unicode value is entered in the cart quantity field
  • Add a persistent cart capability for previously logged in users
  • Django 1.2 compatibility change in save signatures
  • Remove some dupe code in the login functions
  • Turn off autocomplete on cc#’s and ccvs in the checkout form
  • Move the import of trml2pdf so that startup is quicker
  • Fix a bug in the category slug url
  • Change the way currency formats are determined. Explicit option will remove locale bugs.
  • Fix the import for simplejson to support certain OS supplied json libs
  • Update search to work on product variation skus
  • Update login form so it accepts 75 characters
  • Add a trap for CACHE_TIMEOUT
  • Removed CATEGORY and PRODUCT slug configuration from livesettings
  • Fixed imports in Canadapost shipping module
  • Changed the way payment modules are imported. Making way for django-bursar integration
  • Multiple fixes to paypal modules
  • Allow admins to choose whether tax is calculated based on the shipping or billing address
  • Refactor the templates and the way jquery is loaded. Will make it easier to switch jquery versions and hosting locations.
  • Updated jquery to 1.4.2
  • Added new documentation on Satchmo’s views - Satchmo Views
  • Cache the category tree for big performance improvements
  • Refactor the email sending routine so it is more modular
  • Add two new category tags
  • Added search field in the admin to more easily find products
  • Added new javascript to populate state fields when the country is changed
  • Refactor some of the templates to make more consistent
  • Change the behavior of applying discounts that don’t evenly split among multiple products
  • Update the autocomplete admin js to the latest version. Also widened field and added missing image
  • Multiple documentation improvements on the shipping pages
  • Added initial South migrations for the Product model - Satchmo Migrations and Upgrades
  • Add optional support for sending HTML formatted emails
  • Added Danish translation
  • Performance improvement in the variation manager so that it won’t choke on 1000’s of products
  • Added ability to assign discounts to an entire category - Discounts
  • Expand product custom attributes to work with categories
  • Refactored cart views for consistency with ajax calls
  • Removed Keyedcache and Livesettings from Satchmo and gave them their own project
  • Updated Russian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish translations
  • Added Hungarian translations
  • Fix a bug in clonesatchmo
  • Split out the product models to use a more modular layout and remove settings dependencies for loading
  • Move SSL config to a setting, not a livesetting
  • Fix bugs in payment authorization
  • Improve error handling in Protx module
  • Refactor portions of the ImageWithThumbnailField to be more generic
  • Clarify an error page within the wishlist module
  • Improve contact form handling if Country has no states
  • Fix US SST tax module commands
  • Update Brazilian country information
  • Improved process for specifying file paths when using sendfile to deliver downloadable products