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Quick Start

For the impatient, here is the quickest way to get Satchmo installed and running. If you plan to use Satchmo in a production environment, then it is important to understand the full installation process.

Install Base Requirements

Ensure that python 2.4 or greater is installed.

Next, install python setuptools so that easy_install is available.

Install Python Imaging Library based on your OS.

Install pip:

easy_install pip

Install Satchmo and Dependencies

Execute these commands:

pip install -r
pip install -e hg+

Install the Satchmo Starter App

The file should now be installed in your /bin directory. Use it to install the Satchmo directories and load the preliminary data:

cd /path/to/new/store


If you can not find, it is included in the Satchmo distribution in /scripts/

Run the Development Server

Execute the development server command:

cd store
python runserver

Next Steps

You should review Tutorial 1 to learn how to add Products to your store.