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Satchmo 0.9 Release

Documentation Version:

Satchmo Development Branch

This is a working document to show all the updates taking place in the actively developed tip.


  • Updated German translation
  • Improvements to robustness of clonesatchmo program
  • Template cleanups for gift certificates
  • Improve discount handling for paypal
  • Add new management command for billing subscription products
  • Improve handling of ccv numbers
  • Improve display string of subtypes in admin
  • If language is chosen, make sure it’s selected by default
  • Tweak the product admin screens to show featured and active status
  • Add new admin functions for toggling active/featured status of products
  • Make the display of the site in the admin lists configurable through the settings
  • Add a readonly field to the admin. Use it in the order admin for the status field
  • Add some raw id fields in the admin so that large stores will work ok
  • Fix the ajax functions to escape properly and use the right mime type
  • Fix postgres typecast problem
  • Added new Custom Product Attribute functionality - Custom Product Attributes
  • Improved the code for calculating comment averages to increase performance
  • Added signal for custom filtering of items which are subject to a discount
  • Improve handling of the MEDIA_ROOT on Windows systems
  • Add a documentation section about customizing the admin - Customizing Admin
  • Handle error if unicode value is entered in the cart quantity field